I improve and enhance organizations by:


                                   -translating concern vision and mission into specific parts of the company with clear goals both short as long term oriented


                                   -determining strategy and implementing this in a logical and comprehensive manner


                                   -taking care of buy-in amongst the stakeholders


                                   -placing the right people in the right places (with focus on specific and individual education, career paths, md, talentdevelopment)


                                    -shifting in focus from product oriented sales into customer oriented


                                   -optimizing processes, flow and structure


                                   -initiating and accelerating (crossover based) productdevelopment


                                   -connecting sales and marketing


                                   -creating a solid salesrythm, salestools en salesstructure and teach your salespeople to use it properly long term


                                   -creating an environment where all departments working together with smart communication lines


                                   -facilitating clear workarounds at any level with efficient escalation structure


                                   -caring for individuals and focus on the greater interest



You may expect me to make a quick scan of your organization and come up with a hands-on plan for optimisation of your results, by reviewing your processes, structure and proposition

Please, give me a call or draw me a line, to see how I can improve your organization, whether a start-up, scale-up or settled one. You can check LinkedIn for my full resume.


Warm regards,


Adelinde Harms

T +31 (0)620516732

E adelinde@indestartblokken.nl